About Pashupati Savings

Finance company in Nepal

Finance company in Nepal

Pashupati savings & credit cooperative limited also known as  One of the best Co-operative limited in nepal. It has a decade long history integrated on 2055 B.S for providing financial (monetary) services to poor & low income people. 

Pashupati saving & credit cooperative was initially established with the slogan of reducing financial condition & high indebtedness among small-scale farmers & craftsmen in urban and rural areas. It continues to serve this mission these days usually providing cheap & equitable access to micro-finance services.

Co-operative Society in Nepal

Every business entity should be able to enhance their competitive strength through achieving the financial goals. Financial statement analysis should be adopted to appraise the financial performance of the concerned companies. Nowadays Pashupati saving & credit cooperative limited is one of the leading Co-operative Society in Nepal

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Welcome to Pashupati savings & credit cooperative limited. we tend to hope your decision to visit our website will be a decision you repeat frequently. We believe an honest banking relationship is based on solid communication & high- quality products & services. To that end, we want this site to be a source of information & a tool to help you make a better choices in selecting the best Co-operative Society in Nepal. we are committed to improving this website, creating it additional helpful & delivery you new types of information whenever possible. we welcome your suggestions & comments.

Finance Company in Nepal